Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Mechatro WeGo

The MechatroWeGo is part of a toy line designed by Kazushi Kobayashi. The backstory of these machines describe them as being developed by CHUBU Mechatronics as personal transportation for children.

I first saw the WeGo models in an exhibit at DCon 2016, but it wasn't until recently that small scale toys of the WeGo became widely available. The Tiny MechatroWeGo first appeared as promotional items in 2015 and 2016, but Sentinel didn't do a standard boxed release until 2018. I didn't get the original set at the time because I felt they were too expensive (among other reasons).

Tiny MechatroWeGo Box 1

Tiny MechatroWeGo Box 2

Tiny MechatroWeGo Box 3

Tiny MechatroWeGo Box 4

The models are typically sold as blind boxes, but I ordered a case of six models for Box 2. This guarantees that there won't be any duplicate models.

I posted my first feeble effort at making somewhat of an unboxing video at my new 1/72 Channel. I hope readers of this blog will also subscribe to 72chan.

In any event, the first set of images show the ISO, 80s, and Hi-Tech HG liveries.

The second set of images show the Taxi, British, and Kappa liveries.

For the price, I was imagining that the models would have been diecast metal, but they are made of ABS and PVC plastic.

The arms and legs can pivot at the shoulders and hips, but the figures don't have good stability due to having a combination of spindly limbs and bulky body.

The models stand about 45mm tall, and are said to be non-scale, but if the machines are supposed to be 2.6m tall, I estimate them to be roughly 1/60 scale. However, if they were to be considered as being scaled for adults instead of children, then they would work for 1/72 scale.

1/20 WeGo with Frame Arms Girl

I was also able to find a couple of individual models from Box 1 and Box 3 to complete my set of Hong Kong taxi liveries.

Urban, New Territories, and Lantau WeGos

A manga by Yūsaku Yamada about Mechatro WeGo was launched by Kodansha last year for their "Magazine Pocket" app, and the first tankōbon volume was released earlier this year.


I would have loved if Arawi Keiichi who did the box art for the Hasegawa WeGo models did the art for the manga.

MechatroWeGo × Nichijou

Shinonome Laboratories × Hasegawa

20 MechatroWeGo No. 01

20 MechatroWeGo No. 02

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