Sunday, December 3, 2017

McEwan Miniatures

Over the summer, Reviresco brought the old school McEwan Miniatures line of 25mm (and 28mm) fantasy miniatures back into production. I purchased a few of the 25mm figures hoping that they were similar in size to their 25mm Starguard figures.

This post is a short review of the miniatures that I received. The first figures are of a Demon Class I and an Evil Priest.

The Evil Priest is sold as part of the Evil Priest & Sacrifice set, which consists of the former Evil High Priest (Heros and Wizards WZ-11), and Alter [sic] of Chaos with Sacrifice (Fantasy Items AS-22).

The Evil Priest has the look of an Egyptian priest, and perhaps was modeled after Thoth-amon from the Conan stories by REH.

The demon is not the Type I Demon of AD&D, but I like it because it is not much bigger than a human, which is how demons are often pictured in medieval illustrations.

The next miniatures are a Sphinx Female and a Sphinx Male.

These are not colossal sphinxes like stone monuments, but they are of a size that reflect figures shown on ancient Greek pottery. They also look like they may have been modeled after the gynosphinx and androsphinx illustrated in the AD&D Monster Manual.

The final figures are from the Armored Goblins set. These figures were previously called Lesser Orcs (Heros and Wizards WZ-10). The set consists of six figures in two poses with shields and a mix of swords.

The figures appear to represent goblins (orcs) of Isengard based on the symbol depicted on their shields. They also remind me a lot of the old Citadel Red Orcs.

The McEwan figures match up very well with 1/72 figures. They are obviously crude in comparison to modern figures, but I still like them a lot. I wouldn't say it is due to nostalgia, since I wasn't even aware of  these figures when I first started playing FRPGs. Perhaps it is their simplicity that makes me use my imagination to fill in the details when I look at them that makes them appealing. Who knows?

I plan on getting more figures from the line, and if others are interested, Reviresco is currently having a 20% off sale until Dec. 15 2017.