Friday, September 14, 2012

Halo Micro Ops

The Halo franchise has been very successful, and I've played the game a few times, but it never really appealed to me. I won't go into the backstory, since it did not seem particularly innovative, but what has interested me with regard to the Halo franchise, is that McFarlane Toys has released a series of toys that are in the 1/76 to 1/72 range.

I picked up the ODST Drop Pods set, since it came with three figures. I'm guessing the guys in gray armor represent Sgt. Edward Buck and the Rookie, while the one in blue armor is Veronica Dare.

The kit also comes with two ODST Drop Pods, one with a drag chute and detachable stand, and the other with an impact crater to use as a support.

The doors open on both pods to display the interior. The front panel is not hinged, and just comes off.

The human figures in the small sets seem to be closer to 1/76 scale. I'm not sure how the aliens scale out, but they are quite a bit larger than human sized. Series 1 also includes some more expensive large sets, and from what I saw at the store, the figures seem to be a bit larger as well. I may get one of the Falcon troop transports to do a comparison in the future.