Friday, March 18, 2022

Boggles and other Wizkids miniatures

This post will show some recent miniatures that I bought, and consists of various non-related things that I found interesting.

The first groups of figures are Boggles. D&D Boggles take their name from the folkloric bogle. They made their first appearance in AD&D Module A2 – Secret of the Slavers Stockade.

The two painted Boggles are from the Icons of the Realm line (Fangs & Talons #05, Wild Beyond the Witchlight #06), while the unpainted figures are from Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures (WZK90437).

The figures are based on the 5th edition depiction of the creatures, with enormous heads, and scale out almost exactly to their stated 3' height in 1/72.

The next figures are the Brigganock Miner (Wild Beyond the Witchlight #01), Ija, Human Summoner (Advanced Iconic Heroes 20F8), and a Sewer Ooze (Bestiary Unleashed #23).

The Brigganock comes from the Icons of the Realm line, and remind me of Kobolds from World of Warcraft (except for being lime green).

I was more interested in the Soul Light that is part of the figure, which I will use as a standalone hitodama miniature.

Ija is a Pathfinder miniature representing one of their so-called iconic characters from the Mwangi Expanse. She is the perfect size to use alongside 1/72 scale figures, but I don't know why her right arm was sculpted so short. In any event, I went and lengthened her arm with a metal staple, and Kneadatite.

I don't have too much to say about the Sewer Ooze other than the fact that I got it because it reminded me of the riding beasts from Ralph Bakshi's Wizards.

The next miniature is an Icons of the Realm Amber Monolith (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft #28).

I'm not sure if an Amber Monolith is the same as the Amber Sarcophagus also mentioned in Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, but it is described as the vestige of some powerful dead entity that is trapped in a gigantic block of amber.

The final miniature is an Icons of the Realm Zombie Clot (Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft #27). Not much information is given about the creature, and it is merely described as being formed by "crushing an entire horde into a single, rotting titan".

When I first saw this figure, I thought of the Brian McNaughton story The Return of the Colossus from the anthology The Averoigne Legacy (which I read not too long ago).

However upon re-reading the original Clark Ashton Smith story The Colossus of Ylourgne, I realized that the McNaughton version of the Colossus was quite different from the one described by Smith.

In the McNaughton story, the Colossus is made up of fused cadavers, while in the Smith story, the flesh of the cadavers was rendered down, before being used to construct a giant zombie (something that somehow slipped my mind despite being shown on the cover of one of my favorite D&D modules).

In any event, the Zombie Clot (despite its massive size) is too small to represent the Colossus, and in hindsight is more like The Rotten from Dark Souls II.