Saturday, August 30, 2014


The car that led to the birth of the "pony car" classification with its iconic logo celebrated its 50ᵗʰ birthday this year.

The first generation of Ford Mustang was clearly influential to both the auto industry and drivers, but by the time I was interested in cars the brand had degenerated to the execrable third generation Mustang.

The Mustang has been reproduced in 1/72 scale by a few different companies, but classic first generation models are still relatively scarce for such an iconic car.

The most commonly found first generation model is the '64½ Mustang manufactured by Kinsmart. These are toy cars with a pull-back motor, and do not seem to be well thought of in the diecast car collecting community. Most of the ones that are available now are sold as keychains.

The keychain versions still retain the pull-back motor, so I guess you might be able to send your keys to someone nearby in a pinch.

More elusive models belong to the Kyosho MiniCar Collection, and were released as part of their Ford 100ᵗʰ Anniversary Collection. These models were given away as prizes for buying two cans of coffee at Lawson in October of 2007.

The models are a 1967 Ford Mustang GT-390 (green), and a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (blue).

The most easily available model is probably the Yat Ming Mustang GT, which represents a fifth generation vehicle. I believe that the model is the same as the one from the Schuco Jr. line.

I only checked the dimensions for the wheelbase, and going by that, I'd say the models are definitely accurate for 1/72 scale.

Classic 1967 Mustang

Monday, August 4, 2014

200,000 Hits

In August 2012, 1/72 Multiverse reached 100,000 hits. Now, almost exactly two years later, it has reached the 200,000 mark.

I've been in organization/cataloging mode, so have not done much in the way of blogging, building, or painting. Looking at all my unbuilt kits, I realize I could probably open a small store... I also seem to have accumulated a lot of excess metal miniatures (i.e., not suitable for 1/72 scale) that I should sell off. I have mentioned the idea to friends who are also collectors, but the response has overwhelmingly been the same:

Anyway, just posting to commemorate this milestone, and to thank all the readers of 1/72 Multiverse for their continued support.

I'll try to add at least a couple of real entries later this month.