Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Eddy and the Nobu Doll

For my first post of 2021, I wanted to show the last two scuplts I made in 2020.

The first figure is Eddy Amzel (エディ・アムゼル) aka Eddie Amsel, a polarizing personality in the Maschinen Krieger universe, beloved by some, despised by others.

I started out with a metal dollie which I believe was from Mega Miniatures. I forgot to take a picture of the dollie before I altered it, but I cut down the length of the torso and altered the arms.

Kneadatite was used for most of the sculpt, with his canteen taken from an Airfix German.

1/72 Eddy

1/20 Eddy

1/1 Eddy

The second figure is a Nobu Doll (ノブー人形) from the classic video game Splatterhouse.

My next step will be to cast the figure and modify it to make an alternate scrunched up version.

I thought this web comic was pretty funny — Sukiko and Famiko are enjoying BBQ, but when they get a plate of horumon for the grill, Famiko remarks that it reminds her of a Nobu, which upsets her friend.

ゲームスキコのプレイ日記 #7
by pixiv artist ネクミロ