Monday, April 6, 2009

Irregular Amazons

For the most part, I'd have to say that the Irregular Miniatures fantasy line has a certain degree of crudeness about them. They are on the large side of 15mm, and have the proportions, if not the height of 20mm figures.

Poses for the Amazons are fairly static. These random singles were purchased from Eureka Miniatures. They include Amazon with Spear (FWM2), Amazon with Sword (FWM1), and Amazon with Bow (FWM4). I'm not sure if Eureka gets these miniatures from Irregular, or if they have a license to produce them on their own, but the metal has the flat white(ish) appearance of other Eureka figures.

The remaining figures came in sets purchased from Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. The packs come with 10 to 12 figures, and are made with a more shiny type of metal. The three poses of the Amazon Foot Command (FWM8) include the Standard Bearer, Officer, and Musician in a number of different variations. Unfortunately, one of the Standard Bearers was cast without a hand and the lower half of her banner pole.

Variant figures differ by the addition of capes, shields, and spikes on their helmets; or with changes in weapons, or headgear as exemplified by the Armoured Amazon with Halberd (FWM5). The figure to the far right is similar to the Amazon with Axe (FWM3), which is not shown because I got mixed up about which poses I had of the Amazons, so I never ordered it. I found the sculpt for the face of this particular variant to be quite nice, which is what made me decide to buy the Amazons in the first place.

Finally there is the Dark Elf Witch with Sword (FDE5). This scuplt is not as nice as that of the Amazons. The anatomy of the chestal region looks particularly suspect. Again, variants differ by the addition of capes, shields, etc. I'm not sure if the packs contain examples of every single variant, but it seems that Irregular could create a near infinite number of variants of poses using this technique.