Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Eddy and the Nobu Doll

For my first post of 2021, I wanted to show the last two scuplts I made in 2020.

The first figure is Eddy Amzel (エディ・アムゼル) aka Eddie Amsel, a polarizing personality in the Maschinen Krieger universe, beloved by some, despised by others.

I started out with a metal dollie which I believe was from Mega Miniatures. I forgot to take a picture of the dollie before I altered it, but I cut down the length of the torso and altered the arms.

Kneadatite was used for most of the sculpt, with his canteen taken from an Airfix German.

1/72 Eddy

1/20 Eddy

1/1 Eddy

The second figure is a Nobu Doll (ノブー人形) from the classic video game Splatterhouse.

My next step will be to cast the figure and modify it to make an alternate scrunched up version.

I thought this web comic was pretty funny — Sukiko and Famiko are enjoying BBQ, but when they get a plate of horumon for the grill, Famiko remarks that it reminds her of a Nobu, which upsets her friend.

ゲームスキコのプレイ日記 #7
by pixiv artist ネクミロ

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

The Santa Wars genre has been around for a long time, but it's unclear to me where the concept originated from (perhaps with the now defunct Wargame Supply Dump?).

Santa Wars should not be confused with the nonsense surrounding the supposed "War on Christmas". Similar rhetoric has been used as a political tool as far back as the 17th century, when Christmas revelry was said to be descended from the Roman Saturnalia and Bacchanalian festivals, and condemned in the culture wars of the Age of Enlightenment.

The only figures that I can think of that are suitable for 1/72 scale Santa Wars come from Alternative Armies as part of their Seasons of Celebration Range.

I bought a sampler pack of the figures many years ago, but currently, I can only find the Psycho Presents (SN04) in my pile of lead.

There is only one figure armed with a melee weapon, so I'll probably  do some weapon conversions on the rest of them.

I remember the Evil Snowmen in the set were rather scrawny looking, but I found a fairly decent snowman in a set of Christmas ornaments.

I also found some very usable reindeer in the same section of the craft store. I think the reindeer were 69¢ a pack, and I ended up getting four sets.

Finally for Santa, there is the Citadel Limited Edition Dark Future Santa, and the Santa from the Nativity set from Odemars.

The 20mm Santa was too short, so he was modified to bring him up to spec.

Hardcore collectors might be taken aback by my sacrilege of chopping up a limited edition figure, but in the end, Santa is of no use to me if he isn't the right height.

All that's left is to paint him up, but I'm undecided as to whether to put him in a green robe, or a red robe. I'm currently leaning towards red based on the sculpt, and depictions of Santa throughout history.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Waltersons M3A1 Half-track

I bought a Waltersons 1/72 scale M3A1 half-track from HLJ during their big sale last week, and just got it in the mail yesterday.

Waltersons is a Hong Kong based company that manufactures RC tanks and 1/72 scale plastic models. The later seem to be aimed primarily for the Japanese market as part of their 999 Series.

Most of their current inventory of models are actually reboxed Forces of Valor plastic models, but in the coming year they appear to be releasing brand new kits of their own.

The parts of the half-track are molded in green polystyrene, with a vinyl sprue for the tracks and driver figure. Some US star and serial number decals are also provided. There are no clear parts for the windshield.

I put the model together in under an hour. The instructions are clear, and there were no surprises.

I never bought the plastic Forces of Valor models before, because I thought they were identical to the diecast models, but comparing the diecast model (right) to this kit (left) makes it clear that they are from completely different toolings.

The models are pretty much the same size, though dimensions of various individual parts are slightly different.

The tracks are a bit thick, but they hold together well with CA glue.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to add windshield glass to the model, but I'm probably going to go with UV resin because of the way the wipers are molded onto the windshield frame. 

I will definitely be getting more Waltersons kits in the future because they go together quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and look pretty good built up.