Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Amazons

I'm finally able to make a little time for writing a new entry. The topic again, is Amazons. First up are the Armies of Arcana Amazons, available from Lone Gunman Games. The figures were sculpted by Sandra Garrity and are quite nice. The poses are static, but by bending the limbs a number of different poses can be achieved. The miniatures are true 15mm figures and are too small for 1/72, but I do have plans for them which will be revealed in a future entry.

The next group are Black Raven Foundry Amazon Archers (FO44). The description on the Old Glory 15s website is "24 Archers Including One Set Of Command" but the set I received was all archers (and only 21 of them at that). There are only three poses, but perhaps there were supposed to be three command figures to increase the number of poses. The sculpting is decent, but the figures are much chunkier, and slightly taller than the slender Armies of Arcana figures. The kneeling archer can pass for 1/72 quite easily. The standing poses require some modification, but other than their height, would work well for 1/72 as well.

Finally, a group shot of Armies of Arcana, Black Raven Foundry, and Irregular Amazons. The first Amazon figure is a replacement for the miscast Standard Bearer I mentioned in the previous entry, courtesy of Jacob Kovel at Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. I have to say that customer service in the miniature wargame business is top-notch. I have yet to encounter a manufacturer or distributor who refused to replace a damaged or miscast figure... Maybe I'll complain about the missing Amazon Command figures...