Sunday, November 21, 2021

Early modern humans

It is believed that Homo sapiens first appeared anywhere from 300,000 years to 800,000 years ago (depending upon whether morphological or cladistic definitions are used).

These early humans are often referred to as "cavemen", but I don't think much stock can be placed in any particular depiction of them because practically every theory is based entirely on speculation.

My main interest in caveman miniatures is based on needing miniatures for playing Tusk from Wessex Games. The game is normally played with 15mm figures, but not for me. In the absence of proper miniatures in 1/72 scale, proxies such as ancient Libiyans (Caesar), ancient Germans (ESCI), or Zulus (ESCI) can be used.

I have recently picked up a few different sets of 1/72 caveman miniatures, but I think that the majority of people will find that they are not really practical for gaming purposes. Despite that, the miniatures are very nice, and many are perfectly posed for use in a game of Tusk.

The first three sets are from Phersu Miniatures. These miniatures were sculpted by the late Leonardo Torricini, and are essentially out of production.

PCH1 Prehistoric Cavemen Hunters 1

I was only able to get an incomplete version of this set, but the figures include one metal casting, a beater with sticks to flush out game, a figure carrying his catch, a firestarter, figures armed with clubs and spears, and some figures laying in ambush.

Some clubs and metal pins are supplied as weapons, but I think the original sets had white metal parts for the spears.

PCH2 Prehistoric Cavemen Hunters 2

The set consists of various hunting poses, and include a couple of figures that represent members of Homo erectus.

Three metal pins are supplied as weapons, but I think the original sets had white metal parts for the spears.

PCCF Prehistoric Cavemen - Cave and Fire

The set consists of some standing figures, perhaps a couple of artists, and various figures sitting around the campfire.

The set includes a resin bonfire and animal pelt, and various white metal weapons.

PAV1 Prehistoric Animals

The set contains a large deer with white metal antlers, a baby mammoth, a wild boar, a small bear, four wolves, and a sabre-toothed tiger.

I bent the deer antlers a bit before attaching them so they would have a curved appearance when looked at from the front.

For those interested in these (and other) Phersu sets, contact Massimo Costa of 42nd Black Watch Miniatures. Massimo does not have a website yet, but he can be reached at the following address regarding availability:

Not all of the sets are readily on hand, but it seems like Massimo plans to produce at least some of the sets under the 42nd Black Watch label in tribute to Leonardo.

I hope there are plans to bring the caveman figures back in metal since they would be more sturdy for gaming.

The next three sets are from munich-Kits from their Stone Age (Steinzeit) line.

The first set is titled the First Hunters (Die ersten Jäger FHH01), and includes two hunters and a bear.

The hands and spear of one hunter is cast as a separate part in white metal.

The second set is also titled the First Hunters (Die ersten Jäger FHH02), and includes two hunters and a firestarter.

The hands and spear of one hunter is cast as a separate part in white metal.

The final set is titled the Middle Stone Age (Die mittlere Steinzeit FHH03), and includes a family of three.

The spear carried by Dad is a separate resin part.

All of the munich-Kits figures are tall, and are perhaps based on estimates from specific finds of Cro-Magnon remains.

I can't wait until the Neanderthal vs. Denisovan vs. Homo sapiens set from Linear-A reaches North America so we can get some more cavemen in plastic.


Ash said...

You also can get some prehistoric people from (sorry, it's in Russian, but figures are really great - human beings and animals!)

EY said...

Thanks for pointing those out Ash. There seem to be a lot of 1/72 3D prints coming out of Russia and Ukraine nowadays.