Sunday, April 18, 2021

Pegasus German Army Trucks

I've had these Pegasus German Army Trucks sitting around in a half-built state for years because I wanted to add windshields to the cabs.

My original intent was to cut out some clear acetate pieces to use as windows, but I kept putting it off because trying to get the correct fit would have really tested my patience.

However, with the miracle of clear UV curing resin and a sunny day, I was able to finally finish building the trucks.

I tried two different types of tape to seal the windows for casting. The first type of tape is an unknown brand of lab tape that I used for casting agarose gels back in the day.

The problem with this type of tape is that it leaves sticky residue on the resin which can be hard to get off. I tried to use isopropanol to remove the adhesive, but it caused the resin to fog up.

I also tried painter's tape, but the results were even worse, and the tape residue seems impossible to remove from the resin.

Luckily if you mess up, it is easy enough just to apply pressure on the resin window, and eventually it will just pop out.

The driver looks like he comes from das Auenland, and probably scales out to 1/87 scale. 

A lot of companies seem to make tiny drivers for 1/72 vehicles, so I won't fault Pegasus in particular, but it just seems lazy on the part of the manufacturers to do this. I guess the driver looks okay inside the truck in any case.

I went with a basic gray color scheme just to get the models finished. 

Overall, the models were very easy to build, and seem to be quite sturdy. I still need to paint the canvas tilt and add some weathering, but all the assembly is complete (though I'm still thinking about adding some headlamps).

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