Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some figures from diecast car sets

Another aspect of my hobby is collecting 1/72 figures. Here are some figures that were in the Mearle's Drive-In set from the Johnny Lightning American Flashbacks in Time series. In the center is George, an IMEX redcoat in 1/72 scale. I will be using George as the reference for all figure comparisons. Flanking him are a girl in a pink skirt, and a carhop.

The Drive-In set is 1/64, but the two female figures are definitely compatible with 1/72 figures.

The next bunch of figures come from the current Matchbox Battle Kings diecast military vehicle sets. Starting from the left, the three figures after George are from the Sahara Strike set; the following three are from the Polar Rescue set, and the final three from the Night Landing Set.

These figures are also available in different colors in a number of other Battle Kings sets, including Mountain Mission (olive), Front Liners (tan), Swift Strike (olive), and Rescue Rangers (black/orange). There are other sets in the line, but the figures included in them are closer to in appearance to chunky 28mm type figures, which I do not care for.

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