Sunday, March 30, 2008

O Totoro

I bought a couple of keychains made by Cominica with Totoro from the Miyazaki film "My Neighbor Totoro" at AX last year because they looked like they were pretty close to 1/72 scale. Chu Totoro is definitely over scale in this set, and there is another set (which I did not get) with an over scale Chibi Totoro as well.

Anyway, I removed the eye screws from the top of the figures and then filled the hole with putty. I then painted the patched area to match the rest of the figure.

It's actually difficult to say how close the figure is to scale since the O Totoro's size seems to fluctuate between two to three meters in height at various times in the film.

I googled around a bit to see if I could determine how high the bus stop sign in the movie poster was, but was not really successful. However, if other bus stop signs are any indication, they would be similar in scale height to the sign in the picture above. This would mean then that this particular O Totoro is probably 1/76 or smaller.

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