Friday, January 7, 2000

Wanted List 2017

Stuff I'm looking for:

Plastic Models:

[Eidai] 1/76 V2 Missile Complex diorama

[ESCI/Italeri] Sdkfz 250 rubber band tracks

[Glencoe] 1/74 Subchaser

[Hasegawa] 1/72 J7W2 Shinden-kai (AP49)

[Hit Kit] Potez 25 (HK010)

[Pavla] 1/72 P-43 Lancer (72061)

Resin Models:

[Ostmodels] 1/76 Australian LP2 Carrier - I was actually able to place an order in Fall 08, but the kit never materialized

David Krentz 1/72 Antediluvia Tyranosaurus Rex version 2

Kingdom Death Forsaker version 1

Diecast Models:

[Aoshima] 1/72 Aliens APC Limited Edition

[IXO/Altaya] 1/72 diecast armor

[Organic] 1/72 Skyly J2 (ORG02142)

Metal Miniatures:

[Archive] Walktapus (RuneQuest 819)

[Asgard] Owl Bear (FM13)

[Citadel] Chaos Monsters Chimeras (C27)

[Citadel] Runequest Demons Sraim, Stalker

[Crocodile Games] Wargods of Olympus Bull Automaton

[Eisenwerk/Judges Guild] Loombar, Weregoat (EISN42-6)

[Minifigs] Valley of the Four Winds skeletons

[Minot's Miniatures Armoury] Thane Tostig Naked Sprites

[Ral Partha] Bearers from Evil Lord on Litter with Bearers (01-084)

[Hobby Products] 15mm fantasy figures - now available from RPE

Plastic Figures:

[Atlantic] Fliers

[Atlantic] Afrikakorps

[ESCI] Hard plastic 1/72 figure sets

[Kaiyodo UHA] Dinotales Platybelodon

[Mars] 1/72 knockoffs of various ESCI, Revell, etc. figures

[Revell] 1/72 World War II Russian Infantry (02510)

Other Stuff:

[Pagan Publishing] The Unspeakable Oath #2


DoctorBastardo said...

I have some WW2 German Altaya 1/72 Models. Can I ask which country you are based in? I have a vast amount of 1/72 and 1/76 including almost any small diorama item you can think of from a hammer or a handgun to, well er... I dunno, say a phone box.
I did have the Atlantic Afrika Korps but I traded them to a British model shop, along with a big box of nearly everything Afrika Korps available in our scale, alongwith uniform and camo books. And guess what? The shop never paid me... The Altaya models are 2 Amoured Demags with the 4by4 AA gun, one mint in sealed mag, one stripped but would rebuild b4 sending. An Opel Blitz Maultier in Russian Front colours, again mint sealed. Just needs a PAK 76.2!. Theres also a Famo with tank transporter trailer, unboxed. Acquired separately the Famo is in panzergrau whilst the trailer has been brush painted in a civilian red.

I specialise in the following. 1/72-1/80 Sporty cars up to 1989 Models. (I do have a few modern supercars). So anything open top, with a number on, with GT/GTI/GTE/GTO etc in its name from hot hatches upwards. Any Japanese mini muscle cars especially by Real-X or Kyosho. Anything by great Brit, Italian and German performance marques, although I have many. France seems to be less represented in braille scale cars than Australia! Actually Oxford do a Renault Dauphine and Hongwell do Pug 206 WRC and I've seen a Pug 807 People carrier for sale so maybe not true anymore...

+ Fairground/Showmans Lorries (trucks) Trailers, Caravans, Rides, Stalls etc. I build Code 3 models.

and Heavy Haulage.

Anything connected with special forces in North Africa (and Ethiopia) during WW2. So LRDG, SAS, Popski, Ramke Brigade, Sahariana, Sudan Defence Force, Indian Long Range Group!

Anything British Rail 1976-1985

Fantasy figures and gaming arrived on the scene when I was a teen, apart from early Lord of the Rings stuff, and I was just giving up "toy tanks and trains" for "adult" (I believed lol) pursuits. Therefore its an aspect of 1/72 I never explored. However have spent many an hour admiring paint jobs, first at mates houses and this century in this huge shop window called t'internet.

I am looking for a white metal kit of a Scammell Crusader lorry. Either the BW military item or the "unreleased but a few escaped anyway" Motorway Kits item. Possibly branded as Mi-Kits or unbranded.
I'd also love a Caldecott Aussie for or 2... which is how I found your blog :O)

Happy Model Making!

EY said...

Hi Pete,

I'm in the USA. You can look on my blog profile page and contact me directly through email. I have a few sports cars in 1/72, but not much in the way of muscle cars. Hope to hear from you soon.