Sunday, January 2, 2000

Wanted List 2011

Stuff I'm looking for:

Plastic Models:

[Arii] 1/76 Mobelwagen

[Eidai] 1/76 V2 Missile Complex diorama

[Glencoe] 1/74 Subchaser - this kit has been re-released as of Feb 09

[Hasegawa] 1/72 J7W2 Shinden-kai (AP49)

[Heller] 1/72 AMX-13 Canon de 105 (80198)

[Heller] 1/72 AMX-13 Bi-Tubes AA Vehicle (80192)

[Heller] 1/72 AMX-30 Bi-Tubes AA Vehicle (80193)

[MPM] 1/72 Nakajima Kikka (72074)

[Pavla] 1/72 P-43 Lancer (72061)

[Sword] 1/72 P-66 Vultee Vanguard (72002)

Resin Models:

[Ostmodels] 1/76 Australian LP2 Carrier - I was actually able to place an order in Fall 08, but the kit never materialized

David Krentz 1/72 Antediluvia Tyranosaurus Rex version 2

Diecast Models:

[Aoshima] 1/72 Aliens APC - either/both versions

[IXO/Altaya] 1/72 diecast armor

[Organic] 1/72 Sanka B 404th Flying Corps (ORG02260)

[Organic] 1/72 Skyly J2 (ORG02142)

Metal Miniatures:

[Asgard] Owl Bear (FM13)

[Citadel] Umber Hulks (ADD77)

[Citadel] Zombie Dragon (DG6)

[GW] Champion of Nurgle Axe and Biting tongue (073167/9)

[Minifigs] Valley of the Four Winds miniatures, especially skeletons

[Ral Partha] Centaurs (just the female centaur) (02-903)

[Ral Partha] Demons with separate heads (primarily the heads) (01-111)

[Ral Partha] Hellhound with Wraith (01-100)

[Hobby Products] 15mm fantasy figures

Plastic Figures:

[Atlantic] Mussolini and the Black Shirts

[Atlantic] Fliers

[Atlantic] Afrikakorps

[Days of Wonder] Memoir '44 figures (US, Japan)

[ESCI] 1/72 World War II Commonwealth Infantry (231)

[ESCI] Hard plastic 1/72 figure sets

[Mars] 1/72 knockoffs of various ESCI, Revell, etc. figures

[Revell] 1/72 World War II Australian Infantry (02501)

[Revell] 1/72 World War II Russian Infantry (02510)

Other Stuff:

[Pagan Publishing] The Unspeakable Oath #2

[Mock Man Press] The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath #5

[Konami] Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1/PS2)

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