Friday, May 10, 2024

西西利 КамАЗ-5350

In an article at the 就爱模型 (Jiu Ai Moxing; [I] Just Love Models) site, Anthony Jin writes that Xixili Model (西西利模型) is the current incarnation of the old CC Lee model company, which in more recent times operated under the CC XF name.

He further reveals that the owners also founded Jinan Kaka Interactive Animation Design Co., Ltd. (济南咔咔互动动漫设计有限公司) which apparently is the company which produces the quick build 4D Model line.

In fact, I only came upon their series of KamAZ-5350 trucks while searching for new 4D Model releases.

The models seem to have been released around the start of the year, and I ordered examples of all the available trucks. So far I have received three of the models.

The kits are quick build models, and have a bit better detail than 4D Models offerings. In general, the body is molded in green plastic. The undercarriage, interior, and two piece wheels are in black plastic. The windows and headlights are in clear plastic with a smokey tint. Metal axles allow the wheels to spin.

Other than that, I will let the photos speak for themselves, since I don't have much more to offer, and don't know much about KamAZ trucks.

I will make a post with pictures of the built up models after I receive the two remaining kits — a Grad-K (2B26) and a tank transporter.


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Always keen to know what cheap model list are out there keen to see them built 😁