Thursday, December 22, 2022

Generic no-name medieval and fantasy figures

I recently bought a set of bootleg Caesar figures that had been brought to my attention by a reader a while back. I had seen the likes of them on eBay and Amazon before, but never placed an order because I had the nagging feeling that they would be bigger than 1/72 scale.

The figures look so big here...

I decided to take a chance after finding some being sold for a low price, and soon received a bagged set of 200 miniatures bearing the title "Ancient wars" in the mail.

The majority of these figures are based on Caesar figures, and I'm pretty sure that they are actually a bit larger than the originals, but I haven't been able to do an actual comparison.

Due to their nature, they are obviously not as well defined as the original Caesar miniatures.

There are 12 poses made of plastic that is on the hard side. The material still has a bit of flexibility, but a couple of the figures in the bag did have broken parts.

The distribution of colors in the bag was not equal, and I received more gold figures than black ones. I might get some of the other colors in the future.

Even more interesting are some fantasy figures I found on Etsy. I'm not sure if they were originally intended as game pieces, or if they are just regular toys, but some of the poses seem vaguely familiar to me.





The figures come in 16 poses, and are made of a soft rubbery vinyl material. Each pose is marked with a different letter on the underside of the base.

They are sold in multicolored, gold, and silver sets. I originally ordered a multicolored set, but I think those sets come with a random assortement of poses.

Upon inquiry, the store was kind enough to send me a replacement order of gold figures that included all of the different poses.

The multicolored figures have a pearlescent hue, while the gold figures have a nice metallic sheen. I don't have any examples of the silver figures, and I think there is a purple colored plastic that isn't represented in my batch.

The detail on the figures is definitely on the soft side, with some being rather crudely sculpted, but overall I rather like them.

I would say that despite being soft on detail, both sets of figures still make decent 1/72 scale gaming pieces, particularly if you have to deal with gamers who are not respectful with your painted miniatures.


gmkeros said...

but the question is where did you actually find them, because they are so generic I can't seem to find them anywhere

EY said...

Hi gmkeros,

If you search for "1/72 200 ancient soldiers" on eBay, Aliexpress, or Amazon you should find the knights. Well maybe not so much with Amazon, their search engine is terrible, but they do turn up in the mess of results.

For the fantasy figures, follow the Etsy link in the post.

Sceavus said...

Hi, I recognose some of the figures as copies from boardgame "Blood rage" , originales are different viking tribes fighting in a pseudo-mythological Norseworld.

EY said...

I took a look at Blood Rage, and there are some poses that look very similar. I wonder where the other poses come from...

Darathar said...

No way I just bought these on the weekend. Glad to see they scale well. I'm using them for people I try to get into 1/72 scale fantasy as they r cheap and easy to give away to friends.

EY said...

Hi Darathar,
They can't be beat for the price, and would probably look pretty good if they get painted up.

Carl said...

The etsy figures have a strong resemblance to 4th edition talisman.

EY said...

Nice find Carl!