Tuesday, September 18, 2018

4D Assembly Models

Yet another company is producing models using the 4D model name. I don't think it is the same company (Hehexing, 合和兴) that made the S-300PMU that I wrote about in 2015, but it's often difficult to figure out the brand names of these type of products from China.

The packaging says 4D 拼装模型 (4D Pinzhuang Moxing; 4D Assembly Model), but I've seen the brand indicated elsewhere as DIY or 拼装 (Pinzhuang).

The models produced by the company include a Kfz. 305 Opel Blitz and a HMMWV M1046. Each model is available in either dark green or tan plastic.

16 pieces

15 pieces

There is also a HMMWV utility vehicle in the series, though I've only seen it available on Taobao so far.

Assembly is quick, and can be completed in a couple of minutes. The models include a couple of small steel weights to add some heft.

I believe that the plastic is ABS, but the parts fit very tightly so no glue is required for assembly.

The models are very toy-like due to the simplified details and shiny plastic.

The M1046 is rather unique because I don't think I've ever seen a model of a HMMWV with the Red Dot air conditioning unit on the back.

As far as scale goes, the 4D Kfz. 305 seems to be undersized when compared to the Hobby Master Opel Blitz.

The cab of the 4D model is a bit smaller than the one for the Hobby Master model, but it is the bed of the truck that really makes their difference in size apparent.

The 4D models M1046 seems to be a bit larger than the Dragon HMMWV.

However, the M1046 sits ~1mm closer to the ground because the suspension is not as high as on the Dragon model.

The tan model does not seem to have the tube of the TOW missile launcher hollowed out like the green model.

The 4D Kfz. 305 and M1046 are pretty much toys, and of limited use to modelers since there are plenty of better models of both subjects in 1/72 scale. They seem well suited for wargaming though, being easy to assemble and quite sturdy. I'm sure they would look quite good with a little paint and weathering.


badwolf66 said...

They look like good models I'm tempted to get some and do some stop motion animation again.

EY said...

Hi badwolf,
I checked out some of your videos. Quite interesting.