Saturday, February 17, 2018

More McEwan Miniatures

This post is a follow-up from my previous article on McEwan Miniatures, and covers several of the human and dwarf figure sets.

The first picture has figures from the Men at Arms set (left), and the Warrior Maid set (right). The Men at Arms set comes with 6 pairs of identical swords and shields. The Warrior Maid set comes with a mounted version of the figure (which seems to have been missing in my set), and a horse, along with shields and swords. A male footman in ring mail is also included in the set.

The men-at-arms are sculpted in a simple style, with high crowned helmets that make them appear to be taller than they actually are. The figures in the Warrior Maid set are more detailed, but the sculpting is on the chunky side.

The next image is of the Dancing Girls set (left) which were originally a Dancing Girl (HE-9) and Harem Girl (HE-3), and the Evil Priestesses set (right) which were originally a Priestess of Isis (WZ-4) and Sorceress (WZ-2).

The dancing girls are simple sculpts, and probably the sculpts that I like the best out of all the figures in this particular review. The priestesses have a lot more detail, but again the details are large and chunky, which detracts from the figures.

In the next image is the Fat Knight Sir Boars (left) formerly known as just Fat Knight (HE-18). The set comes with a mounted version of Sir Boars and a horse in caparison, as well as heater shields and swords for both mounted and dismounted figures. The second pair of figures (right) are the hag (formerly WZ-3) and hunchback (formerly WZ-5) from the Hunchback Servant & Hag set.

Sir Hubert de Boars is short and fat. The sculpt is nice and simple. The same goes for the hag and the hunchback. I like the later in particular, which seems to be modeled after Igor from Young Frankenstein.

In the final picture, the first two figures (originally HE-26 and HE-10) are from the Dwarf & Dwarfett set (left), while the three figures to the right are from the Armored Dwarfs set. Both sets come with a mix of weapons (mostly axes) and round shields.

For me, these dwarves are on the tall side. I suppose they could be used as mountain dwarves. There are three poses for the armored dwarves, but you get a random mix in the set. The first armored dwarf seems to be a modified version of the male dwarf from the Dwarf and Dwarfett set.

Overall, I'd say that the humans can pretty much be used as 1/72 scale figures, but they have the typical overly large hands and heads encountered with many metal figures. The dwarves on the other hand, are a lot taller than the typical miniatures I use for dwarves, so are not particularly useful for me.


Sceavus said...

Thanks for this review, I really love to find this kind of 25mm figures when they are 1/72 compatible as here

EY said...

Glad to be able to help. I need to follow your example and actually do some more painting and modeling though!

Sceavus said...

Well, it took me 15 years starting to paint with an effective result and speed after a looong pause :)

During that time imjust collected more and more figs.. And ideas! I am very thankful toymyour blog, here I discovered a lot of suggestions, info and quite valuable size comparisons!! i purchased many of my metal figs after checking your posts :)