Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Caesar Fantasy Sets

After a long hiatus, Caesar has released four new sets of plastic miniatures through their Miniknight line.

The first set is of Lizardmen Warriors (F107), consisting of forty or so figures in 12 poses (the box says 11 poses, but I think there was some sort of confusion between number of poses with another set).

Two of the figures need to have some limbs attached. The sprues also have shields for some of the other figures. The parts attach quite easily with a bit of CA glue.

Lizardmen armed with spears and swords. The first two figures required assembly.

Lizardmen armed with clubs. The figure in the center (wearing armor) is a unique pose and does not have duplicates.

Lizardmen with missile weapon.

The figures range in size from man-height, to over a head shorter than a man. The sculpts are rather rough, and don't look like the type of lizardmen shown on the cover of the box. In fact, the figures are very reminiscent of skinks from Warhammer.

I use Warhammer skinks as D&D Troglodytes, so the Caesar figures will make a nice addition to my Troglodyte forces.

The second set is of Ratmen (F108), and consists of roughly 40 figures in 11 poses.

I think that the pose count was mixed up with that of the Lizardmen set, and though 12 poses are shown on the box, I believe that the two figures I've marked are actually the same pose (although with different shields).

One figure needs to have its limbs attached. The sprue also has additional shields. The arms attach easily with CA glue, but I recommend putting the glue into the holes in the torso, then fitting the arms into the body.

Ratmen with spears and clubs. The first ratman on the left required assembly.

Ratmen with swords. The ratman on the far left is a unique pose and does not have duplicates.

Ratmen with missile weapons.

These ratmen are essentially Warhammer Skaven. They are a head shorter (or more) than a human. The sculpting is decent, but still not as nice as the earlier Caesar fantasy sets. There are a lot of mold lines on the figures as well.

The third set is titled Undead Camp (F110), and consists of about 40 zombie figures in 11 poses.

The first group of figures are armed zombies that are probably best suited for fantasy settings.

The second group of figures are more generic zombies that can be also used in modern settings.

The final figure in this set is the unique pose, which is of a Chinese hopping vampire. This is easily my favorite figure in the set, and I wish they would have included more of them.

The final set is of Modern Zombies (SF004), and consists of about 40 zombie figures in 11 poses. First are the male zombies. The big zombie at the far right is a unique pose without duplicates.

Next are the female zombies, and a male crawler.

The zombie figures are all well sculpted, and the set allows zombie hordes to be quickly and easily assembled.

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grisly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom


Sean said...

Great photos. The ratmen sculpts are a little odd. I'll still buy them, but I was expecting better. The other stuff looks great. Thanks for posting.

1Mac said...

You scooped me! I have some of these in the mail as part of a trade.

Thanks for these! I rather like the ratmen; they seem sufficiently toothy and nasty. I was sort of hoping they were a little shorter, so they could be used for smaller creatures.

I wonder if Caesar will ever restock their older fantasy sets.

Nick Grant said...

Thanks for the post. I must keep an eye out for some of those Zombies. The others would make pretty cool HOTT armies too.



Sam Wise said...

interesting review !
I don't think that I will buy those sets because it's not exactly what I need for fantasy but it's a good addition in our favourite scale !

EY said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I hope that the sets sell well so that we can see other fantasy races in the future - not just from Caesar and Orion, but from other manufacturers as well.

The ratmen are mostly wearing hoods or armored plates on their heads in typical Warhamnmer fashion, so maybe that's why they look odd?

peter said...

Thanks for the review! It gives a good look on these new figures!


Unknown said...

It would help if you said how many figures were in each set. For some reason I cannot find this information ANYWHERE on the internet !!!

EY said...

Hi Eques,

I believe I mention that there are about 40 figures in each set. I couldn't be more specific because sometimes the Caesar sets may have a few more, or a few less figures in the box.