Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Trades List 2011

Stuff for Trade:

Last Exile Grand Stream gashapon [Alter]

25mm/28mm+ Fantasy Miniatures:

Grenadier rust monster

Reaper familiars


Grenadier monsters 1

Grenadier and Heritage monsters

Ral Partha and Grenadier monsters and halfling

Grenadier and Citadel 1

Grenadier monsters and monks

Grenadier and Citadel 2

Grenadier monsters 2

Grenadier monsters 3

babes 1

babes 2

babes 3

15mm Fantasy Miniatures:

AA Dwarf Knights
AA Dwarf Hammers
AA Dwarf Warriors
AA Lizardmen
BRF Dwarves

BRF Lizardmen
Blood Dawn (ShadowCorp) Dwarves

Blood Dawn (ShadowCorp) Skeletons & Gobllins

Blood Dawn (ShadowCorp) Trolls & Orcs

Demonworld Wizards & Barbarians

ERM Dwarves
ERM Orcs
ERM Ratmen
Irregular Amazons
Irregular Dark Elf Witches
Irregular Goatman Warriors x 6
Irregular Ratmen
TTF Adventurers
TTF Dwarves
TTF Lizardmen
Tin Soldier Halflings x 6

10mm Fantasy Miniatures:

Irregular Halflings x 3

1/72 Plastic:

WWII Germans (1 box) [Airfix]
British Paras [Airfix]
Japanese infantry [Airfix]
8th Army [Airfix]
NATO troops [Airfix]
La Legion (4 sprues) [BUM]
Spanish Republican Army (2 sprues) [BUM]
Burgundian Knights x 10 [MiniArt]
French Knights x 10 [MiniArt]
German Volkssturm (2 sprues) [Orion]
Aztecs (2 boxes, no knights) [Revell]
30YW Swedish loose infantry (various) [Revell]
7YW Austrian infantry (2 boxes) [Revell]
Prussian Infantry 1815 x 4 + 1 mounted [Waterloo 1815]
Bersaglieri x 18 [Waterloo 1815]
Anglo-Egyptian Army x 18 + 2 mounted [Waterloo 1815]
World War I Italian Infantry x 24 [Waterloo 1815]

1/72 Plastic Fantasy:

Orcs (2 sprues of set 1; 16 melee orcs from set 2) [Dark Alliance]
Orcs x 6 [Caesar]
Goblins x 4 [Caesar]
Dwarves x 6 [Caesar]
Lich x 1 [Caesar]
Legion of Nightmare (2 sprues) [Odemars]

1/72 Plastic Napoleonic Cavalry:

Mamelukes x 12 [HaT]
Polish lancers x 8 [ESCI]
French Cuirassiers x 3 [ESCI]
French Carabiners x 8 [Italeri]
French Dragoons x 8 [Italeri]
French Command 10 mounted, 4 foot [Italeri]
French Hussars x 8 [Italeri]
Scots Grays x 20 (Italeri x 9, ESCI x 11)
Saxon Cuirassiers x 4 [Zvezda]
Russian Cuirassiers x 4 [Zvezda]
Prussian Cuirassiers x 8 [Italeri]

1/72 Metal Miniatures:

[Valdemar] VP026
[Valdemar] VP028 x 2
[Valdemar] VP033
[Valdemar] VP035
[Valdemar] VP037
[Valdemar] VP050

Plastic Models:

1:144 Royal Navy Wildcat VI (no box) x 2 [Sweet]


Schlumpfsa said...

Hi Eric,
Could you please tell me who makes some of those 'Babes' models and the range/model number? The ones in particular are:
Babes 1: 3,4,6,9 from the left
Babes 2: 7 from the left (i.e. the end one)
Babes 3: 5,6,7,8,9 from the left (i.e. the last five)



EY said...

Babes 1: 3 (Grenadier); 4,6 (Ral Partha); 9 (Hasslefree)

Babes 2: 7 (Foundry)

Babes 3: 5-9 (Ral Partha)

I believe that all except the Grenadier figure are still in production.

David Wood said...

The Archive Vampirella is code no. 720 (although had various codes over the Archive molds history).

Check out the Lost Minis WIKI


or I have a Yahoo Group for Archive and the owner/sculptor Nevile Stocken is a member so great for info.