Saturday, September 5, 2020

Frog and Toad

There are a large variety of frog people that populate the D&D universe, but to me, they can be reduced down to those that are based on frogs, and those that are based on toads.

I've mentioned metal Frogfolk in the past, but for those who prefer plastic, a couple of options have recently become available from Wizkids.

For prepainted miniatures, there are the Grung (Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage #6) and the Grung Elite Warrior (Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage #16) from the D&D Icons of the Realms line. Similar unpainted Grungs are available from Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures.

The miniatures with the black bases are from the Icons of the Realms line, while the other three are Nolzur's miniatures that I already painted up.

I've seen several reviews on the Nolzur's miniatures that claim they need to be washed to remove release agent, but that sounds unnecessary since the miniatures are not bare plastic, but actually pre-primed.

For toad people, I recently picked up some Ropuchons Warriors (SPCR0006) from Spellcrow miniatures.

These are part of a 10mm line of miniatures with some figures that seem to rival the size of 15mm miniatures.

In any event, the figures are made of a hard resin that is somewhat brittle. One of the miniatures that I bought was snapped off at the ankles, but easily fixed with a bit of CA glue.

These figures actually did need to be washed, since they were slick with release agent.

Last is a comparison of a Frogfolk from East Riding Miniatures, three Wizkids Grungs, and a Ropuchon.


Lead Boy1992 said...

oh, thanks for this review. I could need some frog chaps for my tabletop RPG group!

Btw. did you already make an article about Locathah or other fish-men type creatures?

EY said...

Hi Lead Boy,
I did a post on Deep Ones which might be useful, and I've been thinking of doing one on Murlocs for quite a long time, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

The Frogs seem cute at first, then you see all the weapons they have. Never trust their smiling faces, they will cut you to pieces. The Toads look scary, but actually they are all very friendly and offer excellent fashion advise.

EY said...

Nice flavor text