Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hot Wheels M12 Warthog

The Hot Wheels Warthog was first produced in 2017 as part of the premium Replica Entertainment Series, along with a version for the more budget conscious HW Screen Time Series.

There are two versions of the Replica Entertainment Warthog. One is a standard olive vehicle with tinted windscreen, while the other is an Urban Warthog with tan and brown camouflage. These models have a metal chassis and a metal body, making them much heavier than the Screen Time versions. They also have larger rubber wheels which give them more ground clearance.

There are also two versions of the Screen Time Warthogs. One comes in olive with a clear windscreen, and the other is a black Oni Warthog. These models have a metal body on a plastic chassis, and plastic wheels.

The Hot Wheels vehicle is smaller and less detailed than the Micro Ops Warthog. The M41 machine gun mounted on the Hot Wheels Warthog is particularly disappointing.

However, given that the Micro Ops Warthog is no longer in production and selling for crazy prices on eBay, the Hot Wheels vehicle is really the only option for an affordable Warthog.

The Hot Wheels Warthog is as big as a 1/72 Matchbox Hummer (although the wheelbase is shorter), making the size similar to that of the real life Warthog commissioned by 343i back in 2012.

In any event, I prefer the Warthog to be scaled for normal sized humans as opposed to 7' Übermensch, since I'm repurposing them for my own games as opposed to using them for some recreation of Halo.

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