Thursday, January 2, 2014


I was originally going to make a follow-up to an earlier post with more pictures of giants, but I decided to abbreviate it by only listing the female giants.

The first giant is Yephima the Female Cloud Giant by Reaper (Bones 77162). I was a bit disappointed by this particular figure, and it wasn't just because of the pose.

It was one of my first Bones figures, and it really made me wonder if I would get any more figures from this line if a metal version of the same existed. The details are soft, some toes are missing from her left foot, and part of her headdress was short-shot. The missing toes seem to be fairly common on this figure, so I purchased another one from a brick & mortar store in order to make sure that I had a figure with all of her toes.

Because of my experience with Yephima, I went with metal for these Reaper giants - Svetlana the Frost Giant Princess (Dark Heaven Legends 03431) and Vanja the Fire Giant Queen (Dark Heaven Legends 03168), even though the Bones version were a lot less expensive.

The next two giants were sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The first is Decapatited from Dark Ages Miniatures (BooBarians TIT-1), and the second is Frulla Krung from Reaper (Dark Heaven Legends 02622).

A modified version of the [OOP] BooBarian figure is now produced by Impact Miniatures as part of their Elfball Valkyrie team. She has lost her axe, but is now wearing a top.

The final picture is of smaller giants arranged from largest to smallest. They include the Ral Partha Female Giant (All Things Dark and Dangerous 02-902), Half Giant Female (Dark Sun 11-709), a female hill giant from the Grenadier Hill Giants boxed set (Dragon Lords 3505), and a Iron Wind Metals Female Giant (Arcana Unearthed 67-007).


1Mac said...

Bones are a lot more detailed than people give them credit for upon cursory examination. The material is actually slightly refractory, which obscures some of the details that are present. Painted Bones are almost indistinguishable from their metal counterparts, as this test demonstrates.

EY said...

Don't get me wrong, I think that there are a lot of great Bones figures that match up just fine with their metal counterparts, but I don't think Yephima is one of them.

It's a bit unfair to make a comparison since there's no metal version of the mini, but I don't think the details on the figure I have are nearly as crisp as the green.