Monday, July 13, 2009

Meeping and Glibbering

The ghouls of mythology are corpse-eating undead that have the ability to shapeshift, and have an affinity with hyenas. They are otherwise not very well defined, so I like to think of them as the creatures described by Brian McNaughton in his short story collection Throne of Bones. The ghouls in these stories contain elements of the ghouls of H.P. Lovecraft, and those of mythology. For miniatures, I think the old Grenadier ghouls from their Call of Cthulhu line work just fine.

The first ghoul is from the Grenadier Creatures boxed set (6502). The next three are Grenadier Fantasy Nightmares Crypt Creatures (G00611) At least two of the ghouls appear in the Grenadier Ghouls blister pack (209) for Call of Cthulhu, but according to the Grenadier catalog, the female ghoul is replaced by a corpse in a coffin in the CoC blister. The next three ghouls are from EM-4. These ghouls were formerly from the Metal Magic Call of Cthulhu line. They are very similar to the Grenadier ghouls, though not as nicely sculpted. The heads are broader, longer, flatter, and have the look of cartoon wolves.

"...After the big, bad wolf ate Red Riding Hood,
he got a tummy-ache..."

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