Saturday, August 9, 2008

Australian FSV

I decided to put together my Aussie FSV produced by J.B. Models even though I have a slew of other unfinished models on the bench. The FSV is a standard M113A1 chassis mated with a Saladin turret. I originally bought the kit with the intention of sticking the turret on one of my ESCI M113 A1s, but taking a closer look at the J.B. kit, I realized that it was almost the same size as a 1/72 M113. In fact, on instruction sheet it says that the kit is 1/72!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to start this kit was because it only had a few parts, and the color scheme is very basic. Here is the partially assembled kit next to a Trumpeter M113ACAV. It is about 1 mm smaller in length and width, but just a bit taller.

The barrel of the 76mm gun appears to be completely misshapen. I will cut it off where the conical portion begins (actually this is supposed to represent a canvas sleeve), and replace it with some brass tubing. I'll probably add some new lights as well. The side skirts will be left off, since most FSVs seem not to have had them in the field.

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