Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Yutyrannus huali

Yutyrannus dossier from ΛRK

Yutyrannus huali is currently the largest known feathered dinosaur to be discovered. There have been a few toys and models made of this therapod, but only two small scale versions exist.

One of the small scale models is an exclusive by Takara Tomy, made for the 2012 Dino Kingdom Expo. It was available from gashapon machines at the Expo for ¥300, but nowadays goes for about US$30 on the aftermarket. From what I have heard, it is supposed to be 1/100 scale, so I can safely pass on the model.

The other model is the Kaiyodo Yutyrannus from their Capsule Q Museum (カプセルQミュージアム) series. The Dinosaur Excavation Chronicles Tyrannosaurus (Kyōryūhakkutsuki Tyrannosaurus; 恐竜発掘記ティラノサウルス) was the first set in the series.

Each of the models comes with a human figure for scale comparison, but I can never be certain how big they are from the marketing pictures because they look identical despite being in at least three different scales.

In this particular set, the Tyrannosaurs are paired with 1/100 scale figures, while the Yutyrannus comes with a 1/60 scale figure.

The model is about 4" long, so it scales out to roughly 24 feet in 1/72, which is at the lower range of estimated size for Yutyrannus. If it were 1/60 scale, it would probably have to be considered a juvenile or sub-adult specimen.

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