Friday, December 7, 2018


Clothes make the woman

The most iconic Disney Princess outfit is probably the one from Cinderella. The costume is ostensibly based on 18th century European gowns, but fashion mavens are able to dissect the features as surely as any Napoleonic enthusiast scrutinizing facings and bricole.

Surprisingly enough, there is a miniature that is very reminiscent of Cinderella in this ballgown that can pass as 1/72 scale.

The miniature is molded in pink plastic and the dress is not exactly the one worn by Cinderella, but the pose is so similar that I think it was modeled after a ceiling fan pull chain ornament for some sort of licensed Disney product (though I could be completely wrong).

I don't remember where I got it, but I've been trying to see if I could find some more to paint up in different colors. The Disney pull chain decorations seem to be fairly large, so they are of no use, while this little figure seems to be something that is so obscure I'll probably never find any more of them.

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Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve had a hunt about and it does look like one of those pullchain/key chain figs..but the only ones online are 2.5 Inches tall...which is a shame as I too can find a use for the smaller versions.