Saturday, July 8, 2017

HIQ Parts

HIQ Parts is a company that sells tools, decals, and aftermarket accessories primarily for Gundam kits. I became familiar with their products while searching for pastel colored number decals to use for marking ita-tanks.

TR Decal

They also make two styles of caution markings which I thought would be useful for sci-fi kits. I picked up some of the 1/144 scale decals, but 1/100 versions are also available.

RB01 Caution Decal

RB01 Caution Decal

RB02 Caution Decal

RB02 Caution Decal

I was originally going to just put numbers on the sides of my Miku Jagdtiger, but when I placed the smaller numbers from the decal sheet on to the tank, they didn't look very good. Luckily the decal film was very sturdy, so before they dried, I floated them off of the model and put them back into water to figure out to do next.

My solution was to create some race number tags out of some old decals, and apply the numbers on top.

I placed some of the caution decals on the tank as well. They go on very easily, and also hold up nicely to handling. I didn't use any decal setting or softening solution on them, so I'm not sure how the decal film reacts to chemical treatment.

I have no issues with the HIQ decals. I believe they are all silk screen printed, and come in a variety of pastel colors that are ideal for my purposes.

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