Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thierry la Fronde

Thierry la Fronde was a popular French TV show from the early 60s which I am only aware of due to the existence of a rare set of 1/72 figures representing characters from the show. The set was produced by an unknown manufacturer, and rumor has it that the figures were commissioned by collectors who were fans of the series.

English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottoms,
you sons of a silly person!

I was able to obtain a small lot of these figures recently, but unfortunately it did not include a figure of the Black Prince.

The poses are not particularly exciting, but these toys are pretty difficult to find in my experience.

If anyone has a Black Prince figure they can trade or sell, please contact me.


Uwe said...

congratulations, you are a lucky fellow. One of the rarest sets in 1/72, a great find!

EY said...

Thanks Uwe,

It was a nice get. The best part was that the price was nothing near the crazy numbers you see if the figures came with the original box.

John said...

What a find !

A shame you didn't get the Black Prince with the set.

Are you planning on painting these up ?

Cheers, John

EY said...

Hi John,

That's a tough question. For figures like these that can be considered "collectible items" painting is often considered bad. There were a couple of partially painted/damaged figures in the lot though, so at least I'll use those for conversions and painting.

Hugh Walter said...

Nice find! I would say though, if you want to paint them; paint them! The reasons for their apparent rarity will or can be many and varied, not least that they are very small and only sold in France, but once upon a time they WERE mass-produced - to be painted and played with . . . so paint them and play!


EY said...

Hi Hugh,

Great words of advice.

clic clac paul said...

vu la date je ne sais pas si j'aurais une reponse
a l'epoque j'adorai ce feuilleton,
y a t'il un site ! un forum !
j'en cherche des figurines , il y en a sur ebay !!!!
mais accessible en prix , je les trouvedeja.....largement chers
je viens de tomber sur ces figurines que fait voir ,que de souvenirs !!!!
perso, je ne les peindrai pas !
si j'ai bien compris tu vient de les acheter !
qu'entends tu par prix enorme ( celles que l'on voient sont deja chers )
c'est quoi "rare"
je ne comprends pas..... qu'ont elles de speciales
( ils y en a pleins d'autres..... des figurines
pourquoi elles ???
et ma derniere question
c'est qui le prince noir , a quoi il ressemble !
perso , j'ai le jeu de cartes de " 7 familles" de thierry la fronde
merci pour ta reponse,
c'est sympa de pouvoir parler de ses souvenirs sans passer pour un guignole

EY said...

Bonjour Paul,

Ma francais est tres pauvre, s'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi d'utiliser l'anglais.

The small 1/72 scale (25mm) figures are hard to find. You can find more information on the 1/72 figures at forums like addict-figurines. The Black Prince is the figure in the lower left-hand corner of the picture in the first post. In the past, I have seen complete sets of the figures sell for over US$200, and double the price if they came with the box.

Most of the figures that are more commonly found on ebay are the large 54mm figures that were made for M.C. Caiffa as promotional items. These are much more easy to find.

I hope I was able to help with your questions.