Thursday, January 5, 2017


Table Top Scale produced the Force20 line of miniatures which included figures for science fiction, modern/zombie, WWII, and pulp gaming. The company seems to have disappeared after a website hack a couple of years ago, but some of the figures have re-emerged from Covert Intervention Games.

I purchased some of these figures from Elhiem Miniatures in their recent sale, and have to say that I was a bit disappointed with what I received.

I ordered two sets of pulp figures. The first set is the G Men/Gangsters pack (DS02), consisting of 10 figures.

The sculpts are on the chunky side, and their weapons are way out of scale, but I'd say that generally they look about right for 1/72 scale.

The second set is the Smugglers! pack (DS08), consisting of 10 figures.

These figures are nicely proportioned, but they are tiny figures that are more like 15mm miniatures.

DS08 left, DS02 right

It's bewildering that there is such a disparity in size within a single range of figures, and it makes deciding whether or not to buy other sets from the range very difficult.

The next two sets are from the SWAT-X line. SWAT-X set 2 (SX02) consists of five figures.

I really like the poses, but they are very chunky, and in fact are probably closer in proportion (if not size) to 25mm figures.

The figures in SWAT-X set 3 (SX03) are the same style. The set includes two dogs (not shown).

The final group of figures are from the zombie line. The first set is the Zombie Hunters pack (ZH01). The set consists of 12 figures (11 human, 1 canine).

The other figures which I didn't photograph, are duplicated from SX02 and SX03. Again, most of these figures just seem too bulky to work with 1/72 scale miniatures.

To me, the best set is the Modern Zombies pack (ZC01). The set includes 11 zombies and (I believe) one human.

I think the guy with the chainsaw
is a survivor and not a zombie...

The sculpts are a bit rough, but that can be forgiven for zombies. A few of these zombies are armed with guns and knives as well.

The final set is of the Zombie Wanderers (ZW01), which consists of five figures.

These figures are not as nice as the Modern Zombies, and a couple of them seem a bit oversized, but I'd probably still use them in a crowd of zombies.

I didn't order any of the WWII or science fiction sets, so I can't comment on those, but looking at some of the old postings by Table Top Scale on the internet, they seem to divide their figures into the categories of "heroic 20mm" and "true 20mm". I'm guessing that the heroic 20mm figures are like the SWAT-X figures, but I'm not sure what they consider to be true 20mm.

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