Sunday, July 17, 2016

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

I am always on the lookout for offbeat monsters to throw at adventurers. One of those finds came a long time ago, when I bought a bunch of cheap Dreamblade miniatures and saw the Slaughter Boots.

I was thoroughly taken by the idea of giant animated boots (or were they boots worn by an invisible giant?) that would stomp all over everything.

More recently, I found a small trading figure that bore similarity to the Slaughter Boots.

Based on the copyright information on the bottom of the figure, I was able to identify the pair of strange creatures as Hell Hoppers from the Dragon Quest games.

In the following comparison shot, the Dreamblade Slaughter Boots (Base Set #95) are on the left. On the right are the Square Enix Hell Hoppers (Dragon Quest Monsters Gallery Chapter 1, silver version).

The Slaughter Boots were cut from their base because I wanted the option of using a single boot if necessary. Magnets were installed in the heels so that they could be mounted on washers.

The Hell Hopper figures are slightly smaller than the Slaughter Boots, but I believe the actual monsters are supposed to be the size of regular boots. I like the fuzzy one-eyed creatures, and am thinking that they could be the manifestation of spirits that are animating the boots.

The only thing missing now is to find some sort of stats for them.

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