Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dark Future

Games Workshop's short-lived post-apocalyptic Road Warrior/Car Wars-based game was released around 1988, and set in the year 1995. What made this game of interest to me was that the miniatures were stated to be 20mm, as opposed to their usual 28mm. The miniatures have been particularly difficult to find at a reasonable price, but there has been a slew of them on eBay recently, so I was finally able to obtain some examples.

From left to right are first release figures DF600108, DF600113, DF600114, and DF600117.

From left to right are first release figures DF600121, DF600127, DF600128, and a second release figure DF600148.

The figures are obviously dated with their 80s Glam Rock hairstyles, but they're otherwise good solid sculpts produced by Alan Perry.

The female figures in their heels are taller than their male counterparts, and look fine compared to George. The male figures are on the short, stocky side, but are otherwise okay. I will probably have some of them undergo height enhancement surgery though.

I doubt that I will complete this range of miniatures. A small sampling of figures is probably enough, unless I see them at a ridiculously low price. I'm still looking for some of the motorcycles at a price that is reasonable to me, but the design of the cars are a little too much Hot Wheels, and not enough Road Warrior/Fury Road for my tastes.


Konsumterra said...

i love this game and the four novels by jack yeovil

several companies make kits to glam up cars with turrets and gunners out of roof hatches - in the setting mad max types

ive written dozens of tables for encounters in setting on my blog and ran for several years - ive got 40 litres of vehicles now and use special forces 1/72 minis with them

will do some model making some time this year - possibly make a club day of it

the racing porche cars are hight tech corporate superhero cars that generally out numbered by the punks - i use matchbox card lots as they are less cool and more off road looking - lots of offroad buggy's models

ive built up 20s cars collection with 1/72 gangster and cop figures too

EY said...

Hi Konsumterra,

Thanks for the clarification on the racing cars in Dark Future.

I've seen some nice conversions using Matchbox cars for Road Warrior type games. I always think about using them as inspiration for models, but never followed up since I haven't played an actual post-apoc game in ages, and need to budget my time accordingly.


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