Monday, February 23, 2015

Swamp Stalker

There are several candidates that vie for the title of being the largest pterosaur, all belonging to the family Azhdarchidae. The most well known of these creatures is Quetzalcoatlus, which is represented in 1/72 scale by a model available from Shapeways.

Since I had two of the Shapeways Quetzalcoatlus models, I decided to modify one of them to copy the pose of a 1/40 scale CollectA model.

The first thing I did was to cut off the head of the model. It was filled with powder that was left over from the 3D printing process.

After removing the head, I split the beak open, and mounted the head back onto the body. J-B Weld (which is turning into one of my favorite tools) was used to smooth out the beak and crest, and emphasize details that should have been otherwise on the model. Some Elmer's-Tack was used to mask off areas that should have been depressions in the sides of the beak.

Kneadatite was used to make a tongue and build up the missing areas of the neck.

The small Apatosaurus being eaten for lunch is a "good luck" toy made by Safari Ltd.

One other model that can be used for a 1/72 Quetzalcoatlus is made by Colorata, available in their The Practical Guide of Dinosaurs Vol. 1 box set.

The Colorata version is in a flying pose, and has a different style of crest compared to the 3D printed model. Other differences include a smaller body and a shorter neck. The head however, is the same size, and the wingspan scales out to about 33', so corresponds well with the estimated wingspan of Quetzalcoatlus.

I haven't seen the Colorata model being sold by itself, so it always comes with 7 other bonus dinosaurs, of which only one other is approximately 1/72 scale.


Sam Wise said...

an excellent work on that dinosaur !
(well not exactly a dinosaur: it's a pterosaurus )
The conversion is perfect !
I've had a look at the Colorata dinosaurs and they are very expensive !

Kaptain Kobold said...

Looks very reminiscent of Dr Mark Witton's work.

Lovely model.

EY said...

Thank you for the comments gentlemen!

@Sam Wise
The large Colorata dinos are really expensive - I think many of them are limited production. These smaller ones are cheaper (or would be if they were sold separately), but I've only seen them sold as a complete set.

@Kaptain K.
You have a good eye. I was inspired in part by that picture for the pattern on the chest and leading edge of the wings.