Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My first order to Shapeways

I've always balked at the cost of the models, but I finally placed my first order to Shapeways when they had their Cyber Monday promotion. I like the fact that they give you an estimate of when the models will ship, and that you can check the status of the order to see which step they are on in the production process.

Being cheap, I chose the White Strong & Flexible (WSF) printing material, except where it was not an option.

Human sized 1/72 figures look very grainy with WSF, but I hope the larger figures that I purchased will look better.

Helja, Dwarven Dracomancer

The 1/72 figures printed with Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) look pretty amazing though.

Cosmonauts in Orlan suits

I'm hoping the models will arrive later this week so I can post a review over the weekend.


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Xaltotun of Python said...

I'll be interested in seeing the results.

1Mac said...

Are you familiar with Hero Forge, the custom-3d-printed minis outfit? They don't do 1/72 scale, but they do make halflings and gnomes, and I'm kind of curious if they'd work in 1/72.

I just checked, and by coincidence I see their site went live a day before your post. It uses a webGL plugin that my dinky laptop can't handle, so sadly I haven't been able to play with it yet.

EY said...

I took a look at their site. A very interesting concept, but very pricey.

I do like the halflings and gnomes though. They are proportioned like humans, but it's unclear how tall they actually are.

Their "Strong Plastic" looks like Shapeways WSF, while the "Ultra Detail Plastic" looks like Shapeways FUD.

They seem to paint up nice as well.

1Mac said...

I think they use Shapeways, so I imagine they use those sorts of plastic.

I'm half-inclined to ask them if they have any defective or otherwise expendable halflings or gnomes lying around that I could use for comparison.