Monday, August 4, 2014

200,000 Hits

In August 2012, 1/72 Multiverse reached 100,000 hits. Now, almost exactly two years later, it has reached the 200,000 mark.

I've been in organization/cataloging mode, so have not done much in the way of blogging, building, or painting. Looking at all my unbuilt kits, I realize I could probably open a small store... I also seem to have accumulated a lot of excess metal miniatures (i.e., not suitable for 1/72 scale) that I should sell off. I have mentioned the idea to friends who are also collectors, but the response has overwhelmingly been the same:

Anyway, just posting to commemorate this milestone, and to thank all the readers of 1/72 Multiverse for their continued support.

I'll try to add at least a couple of real entries later this month.


Robert Audin said...


EY said...

Thanks Robert!

Sam Wise said...

congrats ! not a bad number at all ! ;)

Senyor Verd said...


EY said...

Thank you gentlemen!

1Mac said...


An actual physical store is probably a crazy idea, but eBay is an excellent way to liquidate unused miniatures, which I've had a lot of success with.