Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pit Fiends

Pit fiends are greater devils that appeared for the first time in the AD&D Monster Manual. They have undergone some changes in physical appearance through the various editions of the game.

On the far left is the classic Trampier pit fiend, with its signature saber-toothed fangs. The Planescape version in the middle reminds me more of Mojo, or a nycadaemon than a pit fiend, while the 3.5 edition version brings back the fangs, but becomes very reptilian looking.

I own three miniatures that represent pit fiends. The smallest one is a 15mm figure from Ral Partha (AD&D Battlesystem 11-950). It is the closest in appearance to the Trampier pit fiend, though strangely enough, it lacks any horns. The impressive DDM Pit Fiend (Blood War #42) represents a 3.5 edition pit fiend, and towers over the 15mm figure.

Some people did not care for the tongue sticking out, but I thought it gave the miniature some character. It stands at 2.5" tall, equivalent to about 15', so it is taller than the 12' height given for a pit fiend in the Monster Manual, but it could easily represent a larger specimen, or even the arch-devil Bel.

The third figure is my partially completed conversion of the Reaper pit fiend, Agramon (Bones 77112; also available in metal as Dark Heaven Legends 02895).

The Reaper miniature is largely inspired by the 3.5 edition pit fiend, but it is sculpted in an exaggerated style with big lantern jaw, and overdeveloped trapezius and deltoids. I left most of the body alone, but I wanted it to look like the Trampier pit fiend, so the miniature had to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery.

The Reaper figure is close in height to the DDM miniature, though its crouching pose makes it slightly shorter. It tends to tip over backwards because of the heavy tail, so I will have to modify the base so that it has more mass in the front.

A version of the Planescape pit fiend from Ral Partha also exists, but it is pretty hard to find. I do not have one because the miniature is so expensive, and in any event, does not match how I envision pit fiends to look.


Jiaqi Lim said...

Great post on the Pit Fiend.
Reminds me of the Bloodthirster and Daemons of Khorne that I collect.

Great stuff! :)

EY said...

Hi Jiaqi,

I didn't think about the connection with Daemons of Khorne. I wonder if the tongue of the DDM pit fiend was inspired by Bloodletters, which are often shown with a lolling tongue.