Friday, December 6, 2013

Kami de Korokoro

Kami de Korokoro (紙でコロコロ) is a small manufacturer out of Osaka, Japan that mainly produces 1/144 scale models, but they also make a few figure sets in 1/72 scale.

It is probably no surprise that the majority of these figures are WWII Germans, but what really makes Kami de Korokoro unique is that they produce a set of 1/72 Japanese high school girls (although Hobby Link Japan markets them as "Panzer Girls").

From left to right the figures are one of two crewman from the German Tank Crew Set (Troops & Peoples 1-72-001), a German Infantryman in Camo Poncho (Troops & Peoples 1-72-002), a German Officer in Early Palm Tree Pattern Camo (Troops & Peoples 1-72-003), and two of the girls from the High School Girl 3-piece Set (Troops & Peoples 1-72-005).

The figures come with quite a bit of flash, but the resin is soft, so it cleans up very easily. The German in Poncho is one of the earlier figures I purchased, and seems to have been made with a different resin that probably did not flow as well. The figure is marred by many imperfections which will require some putty and sculpting to repair.

The newer casts in the pale resin have a few smaller bubbles, and there seems to be some issue with the resin reaching all the way to the tips of their shoes, but overall I think the problems are not as bad.

As far as the sculpts go, they are fair to decent, but I don't think that they really merit the price that they are sold at. They definitely would be helped out by being painted, since it's pretty hard to see any details on them otherwise.


M-7 said...

Thanks for the post, I hadn't heard of these.
The high school figures are from the anime 'Girls und Panzer - ガールズ&パンツァー'.

Sean said...

Very interesting. It strikes me that you could use the imperfect german figure could be a zombie for Weird WWII as is.

EY said...

Glad the post was of interest, and thanks for commenting.


The figure does have a very raggedy appearance - A lot of actual zombie figures are too neatly dressed.