Friday, July 5, 2013

AX 2013 Day 1

Anime Expo is in L.A. again, and this year brings us a working replica of a Panzer III done up in the markings of Ōarai High's Anko Team from the anime series Girls und Panzer. The tank was made by Panzer Fabrik out of Colorado, and sponsored by Sentai Filmworks. A Panzer IV (which is what the tank actually should be) is also being constructed, but is not finished yet. Crunchyroll has some video of the tank being parked out in front of the LACC.

The model actually did a really really nice pose for me, but because I wasn't as familiar with my loaner camera, I missed the shot and ended up with a not so great picture of her.

It's not a period tank, but I think that the wear patterns are still relevant for reference. Maybe even more so than looking at a tank in a museum that is no longer running.

I think the convention staffers thought I was weird for taking pictures of things like the tank's wheels and tracks, and one of them suggested I go to the other side so I could take pictures of the girls instead, so I had to oblige him.

I can't wait to get the Platz kit of the Anko Team Panzer IV so I can build one of these in 1/72 scale.


Billthesurly said...

Five road wheels?

EY said...

Ha ha, I didn't even notice that.
Maybe it's an ausf. A½