Friday, November 30, 2012

Wee Friends

Friendship Models produces a line of 1/76-1/72 compatible figures for periods from WWII to the modern era. I purchased a number of the figures from their eBay store, but they also have a website that you can order from.

The sculpting and proportions of the figures for the most part is very good. The weakest part were the faces, which are done in a very simplified style reminiscent of old Minot figures, but this is not terribly obvious unless you are looking at the figures under a magnifying glass like I do.

Some of the WWII era figures that I ordered from them are shown below:

To the right are a pair of Germans from the WWII German Infantry with IR Equipment set (WFM72022). There is a third kneeling figure which I have not put in the comparison. The figures are all multi-part, with equipment provided as individual pieces. To the left are a pair of Italian tankers from the WWII Italian Tank Crew set (WFM72015). The figures are also multi-part, with separate heads and arms. The set has a seated figure and a half figure which are not shown in the comparison. A total of eight heads are provided.

On the left is a WWII WRAF Driver (WFM72013). On the right are a WWII Soviet Female Army Nurse (WFM72016), and a WWII Soviet Female Tank Commander (WFM72014) who comes with two different right arms.

On the left is an old lady from the Two Old Ladies set (WFM7218) which also includes a seated figure (not shown). On the right, the two figures from the Civilian Woman and Children set (WFM7617). The woman holds a baby (thus "children"), while the girl hold a pet or a doll. I can't really tell if it's a cat, a bunny, or something else.

Overall, I like the Wee Friends figures. They are definitely more suited for 1/72 than 1/76. I haven't assembled any of the multi-part figures yet, but I don't foresee any difficulties (other than the possibility of small pieces being lost to the carpet).

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