Wednesday, August 22, 2012


While doing an image search for OSR artwork, I came across an illustration by Stefan Poag that reminded me of the Vul-Kar idol from the Fireball Island game made by Milton Bradley that I bought a while back to use as a piece of dungeon terrain.

The idol is made up of three pieces molded in a very dark brown plastic.

I decided to wire it up with some LED lighting to spiff it up a bit and make it look more like the artwork from the game. To do that, I drilled out the eyes to allow the LEDs to shine through.

I then drilled two small holes in the base to accommodate wiring for the LEDs, and a larger hole for a burning flame.

The flame is a Mega Bloks torch flame from their old Dragons line.

I wired it all up in series, soldered the connections, and used some electrical tape to hold down the loose parts.

9 volt battery attached, and voilà!

As an aside, Vul-Kar bears (at least to me) a strong resemblance to Zardoz.

Zardoz (or Vul-Kar) may also have been an influence on the decoration on the front of the Iron Claw Goblin Stone Thrower as well.


David Allan said...

Cool lights! Maybe you can add a voice chip too. To me though Vul-Kar most resembles my neighbor's yappy scotch terrier (now deceased).

EY said...

Ha ha, now that you mention it, I can see it too - a nose like that would be a bit disturbing on a dog though.