Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Dragonsnails are gigantic chaos-mutated pond snails that mostly sport one or two heads, and enjoy eating people. They inhabit the swamplands of Prax, in particular the Devil's Marsh, where they presumably originated.

Pictured here are two dragonsnail miniatures. The snail on the left is a Drakesnail from the Dreamblade CMG (Chrysotic Plague #20). The snail on the right is a Ral Partha dragonsnail from the Creatures of Glorantha boxed set (RuneQuest 10-402), also available in the Dark Denizens blister pack (RuneQuest 18-015).

The earliest dragonsnail miniature, however, was produced by Archive Miniatures, and faithfully replicates the artwork by Luise Perrin from RuneQuest 2nd edition (shown at the top of the page). It is a particularly difficult miniature to find, and remains high up on my hunt list.

All the available dragonsnail miniatures are two-headed versions, so anyone wanting a one-headed (or three headed) dragonsnail will have to make their own. Probably not too difficult to do using seashells available in any craft store.

I just quickly made a couple of mock-ups out of Elmer's-Tack, but when I have some time, I'll make up some proper one-headed dragonsnails.


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

I would just go to the beach, we have a good selection of shells available so I would do that... I suppose the beach is either too far away from you or does not comntain the desired shells?
anyway nice idea.

Paul´s Bods said...

Great ides...I´ll get me some greenstuff and have a go :-D

EY said...

Hi Gowan,
I'm not far from the beach, but snail-type shells are not very common. Lots of clams, mussels, and sand dollars though. I wonder how a dragon-clam would be received?

Glad that you like the idea.

Thanks for reading!

Lobo said...

I really love your blog. it is unusual (1/72fantasy gaming is not so common) and full of ideas and creativity.
what kind of rules do you usually use?
may you suggest me any nice site about fantasy/sci-fi use of 1/72 plastic minis?
Please have a look to my small game SECRET WAR on my blog, it has ben tought for 15mm minis, but I think you might find it enjoyable with 1/72 too! :)


EY said...

Hi Andrea,
I usually play SBH from Ganesha games nowadays. I am still looking for some good rules for mass combat. I was thinking about HotT, but it was not the most clearly written set of rules in the world. I will take a look at Secret War and let you know what I think.
As for websites, there are not many that cover fantasy/scifi in plastic. I've listed some in the sidebar of this blog, but "20mm Gamer" is one of the first sites to promote 1/72 plastic gaming that I can remember.
Thanks for reading!