Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Trip: Toys man Jia

I found this place while searching for a place to have dinner along Fuzhou Street.

It turned out to be a shop selling anime goods. There was a sign indicating that photography was not allowed, but ignoring the rules is a big part of how things are done in Shanghai.

Haruhi says buy 200元 and get a 30元 discount

A wall of gashapon dispensers along the wall. Capsules cost 18 each.

A huge display case of plush dolls. I would have taken more pictures, but was scolded twice about it. Makes me wonder if they had something to hide...

初音ミク パンチラ

Prices for most items were the same as, or higher than in Japan. Some of the OOP collectible items were open to negotiations, but I'm bad at bargaining. I did pick up some stuff for cheaper than I would have got from eBay, but that's not saying much.

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Sean said...

We paid 20 yuan for gashapon in Beijing. Cool idea and once the kids saw it there was no way not to buy.