Friday, January 13, 2012

MENG Katsuodori Ram-Jet Fighter

I picked up a package from Hobbyeasy of Hong Kong at the post office this morning. I was rather impressed by their use of packing straps to secure the box.

In the box were the Meng Katsuodori kits (among other things) that I ordered last month.

Each box contains two individually bagged aircraft, a bagged sprue for the clear canopies, instructions, and a sheet of decals.

The main sprue has 31 pieces, including a takeoff dolly/ground trolley, and parts for attaching the Katsuodori to a mother plane. The only thing missing is a pilot, but that's not too surprising in a modern aircraft kit.

Below are some comparisons between parts from the Meng Katsuodori and the Unicraft Katsuodori.

The fuselage of both kits are quite comparable in size and shape, but the wings, stabilizers, and booster rockets of the Unicraft kit are much larger than those of the Meng kit.

Looks like my plans for the weekend have been set.

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Paul´s Bods said...

Interesting looking plane.