Monday, September 26, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feather

Cursed for a transgression that is lost to time, the Durulz race has been described as humans cursed with duck-like features, or ducks cursed with intelligence and the loss of flight. Ducks are one of the signature races of Glorantha and of the RuneQuest game, and despite the persistent attitude that they are ridiculous, I rather like them.

Even though they are a rather obscure race, many manufacturers have made anthropomorphic ducks for gaming. Below are some of the miniatures that are part of my collection. From left to right, they are the Citadel Duck Adventurer from the Non Human Adventurers boxed set; a Ral Partha Duck Adventurer from the Non-Human Adventurers blister (18-014); A Chariot Duck with Sword (QAK2), and Young Egg Guard with Sling (QAK4), both from Magister Militum.

All of these ducks are suitable as Durulz in 1/72, even though the Chariot ducks are marketed as 15mm figures. Frankly, the egg guard are the only ones that I think would be suited for 15mm gaming, as the other ducks would be fairly close in size to many 15mm humans.

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