Monday, September 12, 2011

Lockheed D-21 Air Launched Drone

This is a model of the unmanned D-21 drone that comes with the ex-Monogram SR-71A Blackbird (Revell 85-5810). It is built pretty much OOB, except I modified the drone cart by installing two pieces of wire in place of the plastic stubs for attaching the drone, so I wouldn't have to glue the drone in place.

I'll need to take a look at my extra decals to see if I can find serial numbers to mark the drone "520" or "521" to represent drones that undertook the final operational missions of the D-21.

The operational drones were actually launched from B-52's, and had a solid-fuel booster attached to the underside, but I don't think anyone makes a model of the booster in any scale.

I'm also not sure if the red trim was on the operational craft either, so I left my drone all black.

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