Saturday, September 18, 2010

Armored Lunar Rover

It's probably nothing to crow about, but I've finally actually come close to finishing a model this weekend. The kit is a limited release resin model by TENBOWKISSA of a Zerstover. The Zerstover (I think that the name is actually supposed to be Zerstörer...) comes from the Maschinen Kreiger universe, and is essentially an armored lunar rover.

This kit is a release from the 2007 Tokyo Wonder Festival according to the box top. It comes with 9 resin parts, two clear plastic parts, a length of wire, a small decal sheet, instructions, and a camo card.

The model is a decent representation of the Zerstover, though the shape of the hull doors is not quite correct. In the actual Ma.K. build, the forward part of the doors are raised (and in fact, the instructions for this kit shows this). There are a couple of areas where the features are a little overscale as well. I did some minor fixes, but left the kit as is for the most part.

The casting for the kit is quite nice. There were some minor bubbles around the pour tab of one of the wheels, but other than that, there was only a little bit of flash, some light seams, and the pour tabs to clean up.

Oh, did I mention that this is the first resin kit that I've attempted? Anyway, this is probably standard practice, but I did a lot of pinning for the kit, particularly the rear wheels, since the body was relatively heavy, and the parts where the axles join the undercarriage did not seem particularly robust.

Now all that's left is to finish up painting, putting the plastic light lenses in, sealing, and applying some decals.

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