Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Armored Klan Klang

This is probably old news to Macross fans, but MegaHouse is releasing a PVC Klan Klang figure in what is purportedly 1/72 scale. I say purportedly because when I originally saw the announcement for this release, it was listed as a non-scale figure. However, several sources are now calling the figure 1/72 scale (notably HLJ). I'm guessing that this is based in part on the size of the Super Pack equipment included with the figure, and in part on the dimensions of the figure, which would have Klan scale out to 13 meters in height. For some, this is accurate for 1/72, but I'm not one of the people who subscribe to Klan being the size of a VF-25 in battroid mode.

Anyway, this post not really a review, since I don't actually have one of these figures on hand to make any real judgements. The pose is based on Episode 21 of Macross Frontier. The pictures that I've seen on other sites show that the figure looks very nice. MegaHouse did a nice job on the face, which I thought captured the look of the character better than the Banpresto figure. There are seven Super Pack elements that are fully removable, and one GU-17A Gun Pod. The figure is in a mid-flight pose, with a support under each foot, and one support that plugs into the back.

I'll keep an eye peeled for any comparisons between this figure and 1/72 VF-25s to see if the Super Packs match up in size, but I don't plan on buying one myself for a number of reasons - first and foremost being the size issue, and second being the price of the figure. As much as I like Klan Klang, she loses out to the Hobby Boss 80cm K(E) railway gun that's also supposed to be coming out next month.

For more information on the Zentradi height controversy, refer to the Macross Mecha Manual.

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