Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Game Pieces

There are a number of boardgames that utilize plastic game pieces that are compatible with 1/72 scale figures. Listed below, are some of the loose pieces that I've managed to pick up here and there.

These are crude and simplistic WWII German and Russian infantry pieces from the Memoir '44 game. It's hard to tell how tall the German is, since he is all hunched over, but I think he is probably close to 1/76 scale. The Russian from the Eastern Front expansion set is close to 1/72, though I thought he was a German when I first saw the figure. There are American and Japanese figures as well. The Japanese come from the Pacific Theater expansion set.

Memoir '44 (Days of Wonder)

The zombies and humans from the Zombies!!! game are closer to 1/64 scale than 1/72, but people often say they are compatible with 1/72. I'd say the zombies might be tolerable, but definitely not the human.

Zombies!!! (Twilight Creations)

Aussies or adventurers from an unknown game. They're a little scrawny, but usable (although for what, I'm not sure).


Samurai and ninja from the Shōgun boardgame. The bases are thick, but even so, they are definitely compatible with 1/72 scale figures.

Shōgun (Milton Bradley Gamemaster series)

More game pieces from other Gamemaster series board games. From left to right: two figures from Conquest of the Empire; two figures from Axis & Allies; two figures from Fortress America; one figure from Broadsides & Boarding Parties. These figures are 1/76 scale or smaller (except maybe the WWII German).

Various Figures (Milton Bradley Gamemaster series)

Union infantry figure from Battle Cry, and a Japanese defender from Hit the Beach. The Battle Cry figure is very flat, in the manner of Odemars figures. When the game changed hands to Avalon Hill, the old flat figures were replaced by much nicer versions. The Hit the Beach figure is included here because it was mentioned in Victor Rudik's The One Inch Army. It is crude, featureless, and nowhere near 1/72. I'm not sure about the size of the Army and Marines figures from Hit the Beach, but they are sculpted in a similar style to the Japanese.

Battle Cry and Hit the Beach (Milton Bradley American Heritage series)

Medieval figures from the Feudal game. These figures had pegs under the bases, which I removed with my sprue cutter. The king towers over the other figures, but the other figures are well within normal parameters of 1/72 scale.

Feudal (3M)


Ash said...

The boardgame "Lord of the Ring" - has a lot of figures! :)

EY said...

I haven't seen the figures in person, but when I asked around about the LoTR Risk game, I was told that they are closer to 15mm, like the standard Napoleonic Risk figures.

There's also a nice mounted Ringwraith in the LoTR Trivial Pursuit game, but it is 28mm.

Plastic Hussar said...

Great post! I didn't realize how many board game figures were out there.

JDJarvis said...

Feudal was my first Avalon Hill war-game, I got it on my birthday during the third grade and was hooked.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking to get plastic military game pieces similar to a set up like Axis & Allis and the Attack board games.

Can anyone direct me to a good supplier?

Thanks, Matt Sturm

EY said...

Milton Bradley used to sell the Axis & Allies game pieces, but Hasbro doesn't bother, so Ebay may be your best bet. The Attack pieces can be purchased directly from Eagle Games.

Andrew said...

Is it Hasbro that sells Shōgun? They used to sell those pieces by the bag, but no longer. I got a whole bunch, but sold them a couple years back.

Very nice blog btw!

EY said...

Hasbro is the current owner of Shogun, but I think they only did one reprint, so it is currently OOP.

I remember the bagged armies as well. They were a great value at (I think) $3 a bag.

ldsdbomber said...

are the hatted minis from the game "Africa" maybe

EY said...

Hi Bomber,

They certainly look similar, but I don't think they are the same. The "Africa" figures are holding binoculars and wear backpacks, which these figures don't have.