Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Cleaning

I spent the weekend trying to get my garage cleaned up and go through my mountains of plastic and lead to catalog everything and see if there was anything I could bear to let go.

In the process, I discovered a cache of old paint that has apparently been traveling up and down the coast with me for several years. Most of the Polly S paints were dried up, but there were actually a couple of the bottles that looked like they might be saved. I understand that by adding some matt medium and water, semi-dried water-based paints can be brought back to life. I'm just not quite sure if it's worth the effort...

I don't remember ever using these Citadel paints, but from the looks of them I apparently did.

Most of these Pactra paints have separated into a layer of pigment, and a layer of semi-gelatinous ooze. I'm going to see if I can reconstitute them with a bit of laquer thinner before tossing them. Or not. Some of the caps are on so tight it's like they're welded to the bottle.

My contribution to global economic recovery.

Okay, enough self indulgence. I promise that the next entry will be on some new miniatures that I should be getting in the mail any time now.

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